Having raised 3 gorgeous children and pursued diverse careers as a software developer, personal trainer, jewellery designer and family solicitor, I reached my 50's needing a new challenge.

I wanted a career helping others and one that would keep me agile as I grew older.  Life coaching helped me refine my goals and propelled me on my path to be a Pilates teacher with the super-supportive Body Control Pilates Association.

See my qualifications below.



Body Control Pilates:

Level 3 Matwork

Intermediate Mat

Cadillac 1

Reformer 1

L4 Pilates Movement & Adaptations

Special Groups:

Pilates for Bone Health (Osteoporosis)

Bone Health Exercise Strategies

Back4Good Low Back Pain

Additional Body Control Pilates

short courses:

Standing Pilates

Heel Pain

'Health necks' 

'Spread your wings' - for shoulders

Other courses:

Basic Life Support

The Resistance Band Masterclass