“I started with one class a week and very quickly increased to a second class as I rapidly felt the benefits of the Pilates approach to bone health.
Whether on Zoom or In-Class Michelle keeps a very close eye on how you are managing the exercises and is aware of any disabilities or difficulties you may have and will modify the moves accordingly. Can highly recommend this approach to exercise for bones, joints and muscles."

CLN, Horsley

“Michelle was such a lucky find!  I’ve been attending her Bone Health classes twice weekly for a few years now, really enjoying being able to stretch and strengthen my muscles and joints without worrying that I am causing any damage.  As a bonus my most recent bone density results show an improvement.  Michelle is a warm person who understands each of her client’s needs and adapts exercises accordingly.  She’s brilliant."

LF, Horsley

“Michelle's classes offer so much variety compared to any pilates I've done before - there's always a new move to try out! Huge improvement to my balance and core strength since I started. She tailors for my dodgy knees and hips brilliantly, even over zoom. "

SH, Edinburgh

“Michelle is an inspiring and caring teacher. Her classes are good fun whilst providing a challenge to improve. I have taken her classes for several years and have noticed a significant increase in strength and flexibility."

MC, Cobham